The Real Deal

Who Are We?

Ashley Morris and Dillon Parnell are two of the Niagara Region’s top-selling Realtors.

Since the start of their careers, they have developed an intricate knowledge of the area, having both bought and sold property throughout Niagara and its surrounding districts.

Known for their excellent marketing, personable customer service, and around-the-clock availability, Morris and Parnell are 100% committed to helping you find your dream home and sell your home for the best price. They are strong advocates of being allies with their clients and maintaining a strong partnership throughout the entire process. They provide a service that is hard to find elsewhere, offering everything you need and want in your home buying and selling adventure.

Meet Our Team


Dillon Parnell

Team Leader / Broker

Ashley Morris

Team Leader / Sales Representative


Sales Representative
Mikhail Maronski

Mikhail Maronski

Sales Representative


Sales Representative

What You Get With Morris & Parnell


We pride ourselves in providing you with valuable newsletters throughout the year, which includes market updates, upcoming events, and more.


Our team is wholly committed to you. We deliver the highest-standard customer service from the first meeting to the start of your sale, to well after the closing date.


Any time you have a question, we’re just a phone call away. Follow-up questions about the sale of your home, general questions about the market, questions for a friend, and anything in between, we’re always happy to answer.


We maintain a database of highly recommended service professionals in the Niagara region so that even after your home is sold or you’ve purchased your new home, we will be a continuous resource for you.


We strive to plan various events throughout the year to demonstrate to our clients just how much we appreciate their referrals and support.


Above all, our goal is to exceed your expectations. We aim to provide you with quality service so you truly want to refer us to friends and family, or anyone looking to buy or sell.


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Work with some of the Niagara Region’s top-selling Realtors and see why past clients rave about us!