Selling Guide

The process of selling a home can attract a lot of opinions and advice from friends and family. Sure, some of the advice might be sound. However, it is hard to compete with a professional who has the experience of selling hundreds of homes under their belt, like a real estate agent.

Our agents have been selling homes in the Niagara region for years, and it’s safe to say we have gotten pretty good at it!

When you decide to sell with Morris & Parnell, you are getting top-notch marketing and listings services, beautiful stagings, real (and working!) advice, and an experience you won’t soon forget.

Our job is simple – sell your home as fast as we can and for the most value possible.

What You Get When Selling With Morris & Parnell

The Morris & Parnell Team is known throughout the Niagara Region for their high-quality marketing of homes, beautiful staging, and general knowledge of the real estate market.

With backgrounds in home renovations, design, and negotiations, our team has proven time and time again that we satisfy our clients in their home-selling adventure.

Morris & Parnell believe in a three-step approach to helping you sell your home. Our focus on pricing, marketing, and negotiation have allowed us to give our clients the best results, which is evident in our proven track record as a top-selling team.


What is the value of your home in today’s current market? The first step is to evaluate Niagara real estate trends to accurately appraise the value of your home. We believe in continually monitoring the market so that we’re always aware of current and changing trends.


Customizing marketing packages for every client puts us at the top of the game. By focusing on the importance of individualized marketing strategies, we increase our visibility in the Niagara Region and beyond, which allows us to produce top sales at top speed.


There’s no challenge Morris & Parnell can’t face, and we are confident that we can get you the best deal by putting our negotiation skills to work. We believe in negotiating on behalf of our clients, professionally handling competing offers, and staying involved until past the closing day to manage any obstacles that may emerge in order to get the best possible results.

Staging Your Home

A comprehensive guide to preparing your home for marketing day and ensuring your home is ready to sell!


Market Your Home

Sell your home using some of our proven marketing strategies we use for listings!


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